1. You're There - Cancer is a Drag Charity Single
    As Midlands Ambassador for Cancer is a Drag I was honoured to be part of this Charity single (available on itunes)
  2. 50 Shades of Gay Cabaret
    A tongue in cheek Cabaret Show looking at Fetishes. Naughty but nice
  3. Lincoln Pride 2016
    Strawberry Whip is joined by Kandi Kane as Pride Airlines takes to the skies


 As well as stunning audiences as Strawberry Whip , Ian is also  a respected  Image Consultant  and Style Guru. Having been a Tutor at The Lucie Clayton Finishing School and worked with Politicians, Royals and Celebrities  has regularly appears on TV and Radio Shows like This Morning, How to look Good Naked, The Vanessa Show and  Trisha, The George Lamb Show and BBC Radio Breakfast.  His work has covered everything from business behaviour to make overs.  He has produced articles on all aspects of etiquette, business skills and Image. Here he is on an episode of Trisha.

AN INTERVIEW ON US TV for Cancer is a Drag.

LONDON'S CALLING is an American indie programme that covers cutting edge stories form London and the UK, They were very interested to talk to the divas involved with Cancer is a Drag. Watch them and learn about what we do,